The library at CSIST emanates the ethos of the University. It is a major attraction for students as not only does it offer a variety of academic information, it also stimulates the intellectual pursuit of students in a lovely ambience.

Library is open from morning till late evening and even till mid-night during examinations. Apart from books on technical subjects related to discipline and courses, it houses books of general interest, magazines and daily newspapers. Well equipped with more than 70 journals in print, both national and international, the library supports the research needs across varied disciplines.

Library facilitates purchase of text-books for students on the basis of individual requests received at the time of registration. Library can be browsed on the intranet from anywhere in the Campus. In order to avail the maximum utilization of the library resources, online public access catalogue (OPAC) is available on the intranet.

A library is a necessity in one’s academic life, and the library at CSIST gives a fabulous enabling environment to research and is indeed the ‘room for the birth of ideas’.

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Chetan Sadhan Institute of Sc.&Technology is the Authorised Learning center of Bihar University Distance Mode, with approx one thouand students enrolled in various courses and are being imparted the best education.             Read more...

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